MC2 strives to live up to the guiding principles of its founding organization, the QED Foundation, which are:

  • We are all learners.
  • Learning changes lives.
  • Learning needs to happen in different ways.
  • Learning empowers us.

To do this, the MC2 charter notes, “progress at MC2 – and ultimately graduation from MC2 – is “competency-based”. This means students must provide evidence of application of proficiency of competencies in order to receive credit. Performance-based assessments include application, documentation, and defense of student learning and proficiency.”

We do this in a few ways:

In addition, our structures support these learning principles. For example: 

“I had so much fun in the Mathematician’s War studio today. I understood the information and formulas we were working with, so I think that made it much easier. All at once everything just clicked, and I don’t think that there is any better feeling.”

– MC2 Student