Can my child transfer in from (or back to) the traditional public school?

Transferring to MC2 from a traditional school is easier the earlier it’s done. Because the MC2 model is so different from traditional school, it can be difficult for students to meet the graduation requirements in a year or two. Similarly, transferring out of MC2 is possible, but takes some translation.

My child does not meet the exact age requirements for admission, can she still apply?

Your child’s application may be considered if the available slots have not been taken by the April 15th lottery deadline.

The MC2 calendar is year-round. Will my child still be able to attend summer camp?

Yes, students are encouraged to work their personal experiences into their Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). The key is to negotiate the expectations up-front with your child’s advisor.

Can my child still participate in extracurricular activities at the sending high school as an MC2 student?

Yes, students can participate in extracurricular activities, depending on the requirements of participation (such as meeting Athletic Eligibility to participate in sports).

So do the students in certain Phases take classes together?

All the learning opportunities are available to all students, regardless of age or phase. Students are encouraged to pick learning opportunities based on their checklist needs and interest.

How long does it take to graduate from MC2?

The MC2 high school structure has 4 Phases that students move through, similar to the 4 grades in a traditional high school. The difference is Phases are not time-based, meaning students can move through the phases at whatever pace it takes. Many students move faster through some phases than others, with the result being that some students have completed the 4 Phases in less than four years, with other students taking longer.

Will my child still be able to attend college if they graduate from MC2?

Yes, MC2 graduates have been accepted to both public and private colleges. We work with admissions offices to communicate our students’ accomplishments on the transcripts.

How much does it cost to attend MC2?

As a public charter school, MC2 is entirely free for New Hampshire residents.

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