There are many ways you can get involved


You can pledge your donation, make sure to scroll down to the bottom to submit your donation. Please check and see if your company will match your personal donation to double your impact!

MC2 is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax-exempt to the extent allowed by the law. EIN: 45-2985274

Thank you for your generous support.

Visit/Be a Guest Speaker

We invite you to come to share your passion for your work with our small high school group as a community guest speaker. If you can join us on a Tuesday or Thursday at 10:20 am and speak for 30 minutes or so about your work, professional journey, or whatever else you wish you’d been told when you were still in high school, please let me know. We have many kids who benefit from these chats and love the follow-up Q&A afterward. Contact Us to sign up!

Join the Site Council

By participating in the Advisory Committee you will gain more insight into how MC2 works as well as have the opportunity to make suggestions for change and improvement in the school.

The Advisory Committee is a representational group that provides the School Leader of MC2 advice in strategic planning, particularly in areas related to students and curriculum and the extended learning community. Members are representatives of constituent groups, including two parent representatives and one student representative.

Check our community calendar to see when our next Site Council meeting is scheduled.

Become a Mentor

At Making Community Connections, all students are required to have a minimum of four internships before they can graduate high school. It is in those internships that our students gain invaluable life skills not necessarily found within the traditional classroom setting. Beyond the academic benefits this experience affords our students, is the window it gives them for life after high school.

By partnering with MC2, you and your business let our students “try it before they buy it”. Our students broad interests lead them all over our community, and they might only have a small idea of what it takes to do your job day in and day out. The benefits they would receive from learning from your expertise truly cannot be matched.

So how does all this work? What are the details? Do I have to grade anything?

Your responsibilities as a mentor are nothing beyond what you already do on a daily basis. You would now simply have a student intern to shadow you, or take care of tasks and special projects as you see fit. Some projects that previous interns have accomplished range from everything from writing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for a highly compartmentalized company, to learning carburetor rebuilds at a local small time mechanic and everything in between, to student teaching a math lesson to third graders.

The hidden benefit of being a part of all these great learning opportunities is that you are connected to a vast network other business leaders and partners in your area. People who you might not otherwise have a connection with, but can be easily and quickly put in contact with.

Still interested in becoming an MC2 mentor? Email your local internship coordinator to talk!

Join Our Staff

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