On April 12, 2021 the Making Community Connections Charter School Board of Trustees voted to eliminate the CEO Position. Since that time John Sabolevski has now left the organization and Jodi Adams has taken over as Interim CEO/Manchester School Leader.  This caused some confusion regarding the CEO position.  


We are continuing with the elimination of the CEO role as well as closing the Manchester location.  The CEO’s contract had ended at the end of April.  That created a need for someone to take over the role of Interim CEO/Manchester School Leader while we are making our transition into one campus.  This is a temporary position and will end once all the transitional tasks are complete.  


We are sorry for any confusion that may have caused.  If you have any additional questions you can reach out to Jodi Adams at jodicadams@mc2school.org or 603-935-7488.




Jodi Adams Adam Johnston Amanda MacLellan

Interim Chief Executive Officer Treasurer Board Member


Jerry Appel Cindy Gallagher

 Board Member Board Member